Take 5 with Chris Gasper

The impact of NIL money for college athletes & the future of college sports ft. Nicole Auerbach

July 15, 2021

Chris Gasper is talking with Nicole Auerbach, Senior Writer at The Athletic, about a seismic change in college athletics. For the first time, athletes can profit off their name, image, or likeness (NIL) rights and retain their eligibility, opening the floodgates for endorsement and marketing payments while undercutting the NCAA's amateurism argument. Under pressure from two dozen states that passed NIL laws that went into effect July 1 and the Supreme Court, the NCAA relented on NIL.

Auerbach explained how college sports reached this money-making milestone and what it means moving forward. Gasper and Auerbach discuss how this remuneration revolution could alter the landscape of college, Olympic, and professional sports. They examine if it foretells the end of the NCAA as college sports' governing body.

Auerbach reveals how athletes are already monetizing their social media presence and popularity. Producer Ellen Fleming asks Auerbach if she sees a future for unionization in college sports and what NIL means for increasing gender equality in college sports.

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