Take 5 with Chris Gasper

Going deep with Joe Castiglione, the voice of the Boston Red Sox

June 10, 2021

Chris Gasper sits down with Joe Castiglione, the iconic voice of the Boston Red Sox and father of WCVB’s own, Duke Castiglione. The Red Sox are relevant again, currently second in the AL East standings, Castiglione shares why Alex Cora deserves a ton of the credit for the turnaround and what this team has in common with Morgan Magic in 1988. Castiglione is also a master storyteller and shares why he thinks Xander Bogaerts will have his number retired someday, plus why he's one of the best people to ever wear a Sox uniform. He details the challenges of broadcasting games remotely with pandemic protocols. And there's no crying in baseball, but Castiglione tells a story about a fateful Sox game that left both Duke and Gasper in tears. Producer Ellen Fleming asks Castiglione for his thoughts on rule changes to pick up the pace of play and scoring, and he agrees that changes need to be made and he swears it’s not just so he can get home faster. Lastly, Castiglione shares his all-time favorite call.

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